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Selling your company can be one of the most important decisions of your life. Don’t leave it to Business Brokers who claim to have experience or misleading testimonials. Always ask for Letters of Recommendation and verify Testimonials with done deals. Hire a Certified Business Broker with experience, a proven track record and the necessary resources so that you can trust that your business for sale is in good hands.

*Please note, the specific details of transactions are Confidential. Original Letters of Reference are available upon request.

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January 27, 2020

If I owned any type of business and wanted to sell it, Matt would be the first Business Broker to whom I would turn. I am a business attorney who works regularly with clients looking to sell their businesses. I have known Matt for years and have worked with him on numerous transactions to successful conclusions. Here's what separates Matt from all the others. Matt knows how to position businesses for sale. Matt knows how analyze the data and present it in the most favorably light. Matt stays intimately involved in a transaction from start to finish. Matt knows how to pivot quickly and creatively resolve the issues that inevitably that arise during the course of a transaction. And, most importantly, Matt takes the time to understand his clients' needs and tries his very best to make sure they are served. Matt really does care about his clients. I recommend Matt without reservation.

David Adelman
Partner, LEED-AP

G&B Law, LLP
16000 Ventura Boulevard, Suite 1000
Encino, California 91436-2730

November 6, 2019

To whom it may concern;

My name is Scott Weiss and I am the owner of a public accounting firm in the Los Angeles area. I have been a CPA for over 40 years and represent a wide range of clients. Many years ago I purchased a golf car dealership, in which I was an absentee owner. When it came time to sell the business, I reached out to Matt Coletta who I knew previously. After some discussions, I hired Matt to represent me in the sale of the business. Matt went to work to really get to know this business and how it operated. I jokingly said that he knew more about the business than I did. Matt worked with my team at the business to put together an impressive package. We met with several buyers over several months and finally moved forward with a young couple who ultimately purchased the business.

Matt managed the entire process from assisting the buyer and myself with due diligence, preparing all the necessary documents, working with my attorney as well as the landlord to create an acceptable assignment of lease. Matt also assisted the buyer with obtaining the necessary approvals with the dealership transfer. There were a lot of moving parts and Matt managed them all to make sure the transaction was always moving forward. I somewhat underestimated everything that was involved in selling this business and I am thankful that I had Matt involved to make sure everything was handled correctly so I could focus on my accounting firm, as well as my other business interests.

I would definitely recommend Matt Coletta to anyone who is looking to sell or purchase a business. He is a true professional!

Scott J. Weiss, CPA
Weiss Accountancy Corporation

Office: 818-997-7712

April 7, 2019

To whom it may concern,

My name is Steve Bevan and I am the president of Astrofoam Molding Company, Inc. which molds products in Expanded Polystyrene (EPS). These products include custom packaging, foam coolers for shipping medical supplies/perishables, wine shippers, corner blocks/edge protectors and displays. We have been in business since 1969.

I decided that it was time to sell my company and I search out for an experienced Business Broker to assist me with this process. I spoke to several Business Brokers and came across Matt Coletta. After several meetings and conversations, I felt that Matt would be the best fit to represent my company given his background.

I had several things going on personally and at the business but Matt was extremely patient with everything that I threw at him. Matt also went well beyond his duties and responsibilities as a Business Broker and assisted me with several things that came up during the process.

After a long period of time and many unforeseen things that came up, Matt was successful in finding an excellent buyer who understood my business including all the specialized permits and regulations. Matt was an excellent problem solver and always had a great perspective on how things should be resolved fairly. It took a lot more time than I anticipate but Matt was successful in closing the transaction on my business and industrial building. I am thankful for his persistent and efforts in this process. I would absolutely recommend Matt to anyone looking to sell their business.

Steve Bevan, President Astrofoam Molding Company, Inc.

March 2, 2019

My name is Frank Barnes and I am the Founder and Seller of Special Events Staffing. We are a temporary staffing company with over 700 employees providing specialized staffing to well-known corporations and well-known entertainment companies. We provide staff to some of the top events in Los Angeles including the Academy Awards, the Espy and events at University Studios, Disney, the Getty Museum, to name a few. After growing the company for 20 years and becoming the Gold Standard in the industry, I decided it was time to sell.

I first reached out to a Business Broker who I worked with for 3 months. Unfortunately, I had a bad experience with that Business Broker and had to move on. I did some research, interviewed some other Advisors and came across Matt Coletta. Matt and I met, and I was impressed with his knowledge, experience and involvement with deals he had completed. Matt explained in detail everything that is involved in selling a business. He told me the good, the bad and the ugly and what I could expect. He then explained his process and what we needed to do to prepare the business for sale. All of this helped me better understand what would be involved in selling my business.

After hiring Matt, he went to work on putting together a detailed analysis and package on my business. He asked me a ton of questions so he would be able to discuss my business with potential buyers. After putting everything together, Matt went to market and immediately started setting up meetings with potential buyers. Everyone asked for a ton of information and Matt was great at managing it all. We moved forward with one buyer and we went through a lengthy and detailed due diligence process. This was a difficult process and Matt managed it all to make sure the buyer had his questions answered and we were always moving forward. This due diligence process took several weeks and was somewhat stressful. We finally moved forward with a purchase agreement which had several components and involved attorneys on both sides. Matt was the captain of the ship and kept everyone on course and moving forward. After weeks of back and forth issues including several last-minute items, we were able to close the transaction and celebrate.

I have to say that this was somewhat stressful for me. I underestimated what would be involved in selling my business. So many things could have gone wrong and I am therefore thankful that I hired Matt and that he was there to manage this entire process from start to finish. With that said, I would highly recommend Matt Coletta to anyone looking to sell or buy a business.

Frank Barnes, President, Special Events Staffing

June 2, 2017

Please let this letter act as a letter of recommendation for Matt Coletta. We are the owners of a manufacturing and wholesale distribution business that distributes wholesale beauty products to a wide range of customers including CVS, Walgreens, TJ Max, Burlington Coat Factory, Drug Emporium and other chain retailers across the country. After being in business for over 30 years, we decided it was time to retire and sell our business.

I did some google searches for Business Brokers and came across Matt Coletta’s information. I contacted Matt in early 2016 to discuss the sale of our business. I explained to Matt our situation and what we did. Matt was very knowledgeable about wholesale businesses and I immediately felt comfortable with him. Matt explained his processes and what was involved in selling a business in today’s marketplace. This was all very informative and gave me a better understanding of what to expect.

We met Matt at our facility and gave him everything he requested. Matt was extremely patient with us since this was a big decision for us. Matt then created a financial analysis that incorporated our financial picture over the last 4 years. He came up with a value given all aspects of the business and what we were including. He had some great suggestions on how to handle our high levels of inventory we had on hand. After agreeing on the list price, my partners and I decided to move forward with Matt and we signed a representation agreement.

Matt prepared a detailed package on our business and he spoke to many potential buyers. Unfortunately, our business ended up being difficult to sell due to the high level of inventory we had on hand and the fact that our gross revenue was down from our peak of $5M. Matt was never discouraged over the 15 months we had the business on the market. He kept vetting buyers and the ones that looked like a good fit, Matt set up meetings and we all met to discuss it further. Ironically, around the 13th month or so, we all of the sudden had several interested parties. Matt managed them well and we ended up selling to someone that contacted Matt and happened to be one of our long-time vendors. It was a little tricky dealing with him but we were glad that Matt was there to manage the entire process and protect our interest. Fortunately, it all worked out and we have successfully closed escrow!

There was a lot to deal with on this transaction, 4 partners, year after year declining revenue, hundreds of thousands of dollars in inventory, having to move our facility, dealing with multiple prospective buyers and the challenges of selling to a long-time vendor of ours. Matt was extremely professional and we were very impressed with how he managed it all. We are very thankful that Matt was persistent and never gave up. My partners and I can now retire in peace. With that said, we would highly recommend Matt Coletta to anyone looking to sell or buy a business.

Sid Afari – Co-President / Kamran Bina – Co-President, Brandon Femme – Manufacturer & Wholesale Distributor

February 25, 2016

Please accept this letter of recommendation regarding Matt Coletta, Certified Business Broker.

As the owner of a Real Estate Management business for over 25 years, I sought a qualified Business Broker to sell my West Los Angeles company. I interviewed several brokers and Matt was definitely the most knowledgeable and qualified. He was very patient and professional while we worked through the entire process of determining the value, packaging, marketing, and selling the company. He prepared a comprehensive marketing package and pre-screened many candidates, the response was overwhelming. In a short period of time, Matt presented me with several offers. Within weeks, I had a great offer and closed within 45 days.

Matt is extremely detail oriented, professional, and focused on the task at hand. I always felt that my project received his full attention and energy. I also greatly appreciate the fact that he was accessible or would get back to me quickly. Matt Coletta is an exceptional Business Broker. I highly recommend him to any business owner who is looking to sell their company with the very best results.

Sandra E. Clark, CPM, RA President, ANGEL CITY WEST, INC.

January 7, 2016

My wife and I are the owners and founders of a medical debt collection agency. We have been in business for over 40 years and take pride in the fact that we operated one of the top medical debt collection agencies in California. We worked with some of the top hospitals in the state and have some of the highest percentage of collection statistics in the industry.
After a long and successful run, my wife and I decided it was time to sell the agency and retire. We initially reached out to a national business brokerage firm who had an office in our area. We met with one of their associates and listed our business. We were not familiar with the process so we trusted that what needed to be down was being done. We worked with this Business Broker for some time but she was unsuccessful in selling our business.

We reached out to our CPA who said he would ask the partners in the firm if anyone had a recommendation for a high caliber Business Broker. A few days later our CPA called and said several people recommended that I contact Matt Coletta.

I contacted Matt and we had an informative first call. We set up a meeting and Matt explained in detail what makes him different than most Business Brokers. I listened and definitely learned more about the process than I did with the first Broker. I felt very comfortable with Matt and I could tell I was going to have a different experience with him.

We moved forward with Matt and signed an agreement. He started working with my CFO to prepare a very impressive package on my business. This package was very detailed and included financial spreadsheets that spelled out our company’s historical figures. Once this package was completed, Matt began marketing our business.

Over a period of a few months, Matt spoke to several people that expressed interested. After thoroughly screening them, we met with a handful of them until we came to terms with the final buyer. Matt negotiated the deal with fair terms and conditions for both sides. Matt worked with my CFO to manage the due diligence process and provide all the books and records to the buyer. After this was completed, Matt worked with all the attorneys to complete all the documents. There were a lot of twist and turns with this process but I have to say Matt handled all the issues that came up in a timely and professional matter.

I did not realize until after this process was complete all details that were involved in selling a business. My wife and I are very thankful that Matt was always there to manage the process, address our concerns and be a fair advocate for the transaction. I can now retire in peace knowing that my transaction was handled by a professional.

I would highly recommend Matt Coletta to anyone looking to sell their business.

L. Yatmon, President – Collection Agency

December 18, 2015

I wanted to take a moment to thank and commend you for all your assistance, guidance, and support during the recent sale of my business. You were excellent at helping to market my business, set a fair sales price during the marketing, convince me I had a reasonable offer, and helping to facilitate the closing of the transaction. Perhaps most importantly, and least expected, was the value of the emotional support you provided, helping to keep me focused on the ultimate goal of selling the business at a fair price, while dealing with challenging buyers.

I am happy to discuss your services with any prospective client, just have them contact me by email to provide an excellent reference.

Best wishes to you for continued success in the future.

Michael Alper, President

My name is David Cox and I am the Owner and Seller of a company that markets, sells and services high-end 3-D printing systems and supplies. After growing my company to a multi-million dollar business, I decided it was time to sell. I researched what was involved in selling a business and quickly learned there was a lot involved in the process and I would need a professional Business Broker to represent me. I researched and contacted several Business Brokers and finally came across Matt Coletta. I quickly determined that Matt was a cut above the other Business Brokers I spoke with. I was impressed with his knowledge and expertise as well as his success in closing transactions. We had several conversations where he addressed all my questions and educated me on the process of selling a business in today’s environment. I knew I was in good hands so I hired Matt to represent me.

Matt helped me prepare my business for sale. He created an extensive financial analysis showing the true cash flow of my business, which was updated every month. This became crucial when it came time to completing the due diligence process. Matt then prepared an impressive package in conjunction with the financial analysis and we went to market. Within a short period of time, Matt had an interested party who wanted to see the business. After signing a NDA, vetting him and providing him the detailed package we set up a meeting. Matt worked with the buyer for a few weeks addressing questions and various scenarios. I was impressed with how much Matt knew about my business. Shortly after that, Matt presented a letter of intent from the buyer. Once we came to terms we began the due diligence process. This was a time consuming process but the upfront work I did with Matt made it more efficient which was important since I still had a company to operate.

Once due diligence was completed we began the tedious process of completing a purchase agreement. Matt worked with both attorneys to finalize all the agreements and exhibits. We then opened escrow and Matt assisted the buyer’s SBA lender with all their requirements. After more than 3 months of work to prepare the business for sale and another 7 months from when we first met the buyer we have finally closed the transaction in late 2014.

I without a doubt under estimated the process of selling my business. I was thankful to have Matt represent me to make sure everything was handled correctly and so that I could focus on running my business. Matt’s knowledge and experience was key in the successful sale of my business. I would absolutely recommend Matt to anyone looking to sell their business.

David Cox President – Purple P 3D (Seller)

Please let this letter act as a Letter of Recommendation for Matt Coletta. I am the third generation owner of a 76 year old Wholesale Pipe & Supply Distribution Business. After 30 years of running this business, I decided to sell. I did a lot of research and realized there was a lot involved in selling a business. I interviewed several Business Brokers and was not comfortable with what I was hearing. I came across Matt Coletta’s website and contacting him. Matt spent a fair amount of time discussing his process and outlined several things that I should be thinking about. After a couple conversations on the phone, we set up a meeting at my facility. I was immediately impressed with Matt’s experience and knowledge. He was the only person I spoke to that clearly answered my questions and backed up what he said. Matt reviewed my financials and pointed out some things that I was not aware of. Matt then suggested several things to help me prepare the business for sale which ended up being crucial in the long run.

I hired Matt and he quickly went to work. He prepared a detailed financial spreadsheet outlining the financial history of my company including the cash flow. He also prepared a thorough package that outlined all the details including the company history, our product line, our customer base and more. This also helped us be better prepared for when we had a buyer in place. Once this was completed, Matt went to market. I was very particular about who I wanted to sell my business to. I felt that the buyer needed to have a certain background and ability. Matt was persistent and never discouraged. He brought several buyers to me over a year and half time period until we found the ideal candidate.

Matt was able to negotiate a fair deal for both parties. Matt seemed to always know what was going to happen next and prepared me for all the steps involved in this process. He handled all the paperwork and contracts including the lease agreement for my property as well as assisting the buyer with obtaining a SBA loan, which was a major challenge in itself. Everything was handled in a timely and professional matter and we successfully closed escrow in July 2014.

Knowing what I know now, there was absolutely no way I would have been able to do this on my own. I would defiantly recommend Matt to anyone looking to sell or buy a business. He is a true professional.

David Kay President – Alameda Pipe & Supply (Seller)

My name is Ron Kustek and I am the Founder and Seller of a Service Business in Los Angeles. I founded the company 13 years ago and decided for several reasons it was my time to sell.

I originally contacted a Business Broker that I found on-line. I listed my business with that individual and unfortunately not much happened. That contract expired and I then reached out to a good friend and asked if he knew of a good Business Broker. He gave me the name of someone in Orange County. I contacted that individual and for whatever reason they were not able to help me but said they could refer me to one of the top Business Brokers in the Los Angeles area by the name of Matt Coletta.

I was impressed that another Business Broker would recommend Matt so I contacted him and right off the bat I could tell that Matt was a professional. He spent a fair amount of time explaining how he manages the process and what I should expect. He also explained how we would be working together to prepare the business for sale. I developed a comfort level after these conversations and knew I was in good hands.

I hired Matt and we went to work on preparing the necessary information to create a detailed package on my business including a financial spreadsheet showing my historical cash flow and how we calculated it. Matt was diligent in making sure we articulated all the features and benefits in our package including a detailed list of my furniture, fixtures and equipment. Matt also made sure he had the latest and most up to date information including updated financials. This proved to be extremely valuable when we entered into the due diligence phase with the buyer.

Matt brought in several prospects until we reached an agreement with a great buyer that was a perfect fit. Matt worked with them to prepare an offer and once it was accepted we went thru the due diligence process which Matt help me prepare for. The process of preparing everything upfront with Matt was instrumental in having a smooth and efficient due diligence process.

Once the buyer approved the books and records, Matt prepared all the contracts and paperwork and we opened an escrow with a business escrow company. Matt then worked with the buyer and the landlord on the assignment of my lease which had some challenges. There was a lot to handle and manage. Matt seemed to always be one step ahead of things and did an excellent job to make sure things moved forward. I was also glad to see that Matt was always accessible or would get back to me quickly with any questions or concerns I had. He definitely earned his fee.

We have closed escrow and I am beginning the training period with the buyer. Once that is completed, I will be able to enter my next phase in life. I consider Matt a friend and I truly thank Matt for all his help and making this an enjoyable experience. I would definitely recommend Matt to anyone looking to sell their business.

Ron Kustek President – LPR Service Business (Seller)

My name is Tim Foster and I am the founder of a Material Testing Lab in Los Angeles. I founded the company over 25 years ago and decided that it was my time to sell. I reached out to a very good friend of mine and shared my desire to sell my Business. He said he had a great experience and was impressed with a Business Broker he dealt with a few years back and recommended that I contact Matt Coletta. I had several meetings with Matt and I was also impressed with his experience and knowledge. He seemed to be active and had recently closed several deals which I put a lot of weight on given the challenging economic environment we face. Matt put together a detailed package on my business including the company financial history, cash flow analysis, features and benefits, industry information, etc. etc. We established the parameters the buyer would need to have in order to receive a package and then went to market. Matt put together a number of qualified prospective buyers.

Ultimately, Matt came up with what I think was a perfect match and fit for my company and I ended up selling my business to that individual. I think the most remarkable thing about this 11 month process was Matt’s attention to detail. He was there for every question I had and he really made the process more comfortable for me. The details and complexity of this process was somewhat overwhelming and I had underestimated what was involved. Matt managed the entire process efficiently including assisting the buyer with obtaining SBA finance, to dealing with the landlord and escrow requirements plus so much more. I’m not sure I could have managed all that and continued to run my successful business. I am very thankful to Matt and I look forward to my retirement. I would highly recommend Matt to anyone looking for a professional Business Broker to sell their business.

Tim Foster President -Specialized Testing Lab (Seller)

Please let this letter act as a letter of reference for Matt Coletta. I am the founder and Seller of an Auto Parts Manufacturing company which I started over 25 years ago. We manufacture high-end exhaust systems in a state of the art facility in Los Angeles County. After many successful years in the business, I decided it was time to sell. I researched Business Brokers throughout Los Angeles County and interviewed several Brokers. I decided to go with Matt Coletta because of his experience, professionalism and quick responsiveness to my questions. Matt presented me with a thorough presentation on everything that was involved in selling my business. He created a detailed package including a financial analysis showing the financial position of my business as well as the history of my business. He screened all potential buyers and did not waste my time with anyone unless they had the experience and financial capability that we established upfront. Matt presented several candidates and we settled with a buyer who ended up purchasing the business. Matt managed the entire process in a professional matter. He assisted me with everything I needed to do during the process. After the buyer completed their due diligence, Matt prepared all the documents/contracts and we opened and successfully closed an escrow within 3 weeks. I am please with the results and with how Matt handled all aspects of the transaction. I would highly recommend Matt to any business owner looking for a Certified Business Broker to assist them in selling their business in a professional matter.

Chuck Asher President, Auto Parts Manufacturer (Seller)

I recently closed escrow on an Auto Parts Manufacturing Business in Los Angeles. The business was represented by Matt Coletta. After qualifying me, Matt provided me with a detail package including a financial analysis showing the historical financial position of the business. The package was thorough and initially answered many of my questions about the business. This helped me determine an interest in the business and after several conversations with Matt we set up a site visit. We ended up putting in an offer and ultimately purchased the business. Matt was instrumental in this process. Always available to address concerns or questions. He managed the entire process in a professional matter. I have been involved in many business transactions in my previous life in the corporate world and I would say Matt is a true professional and does what is fair for all parties involved. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to purchase or sell a business.

Eric Bloom Auto Parts Manufacturer (Buyer)

I am writing this letter of recommendation to give other owners of businesses the confidence to entrust their sale in the competent hands of Matt Coletta. Matt was referred to me by my CPA whom I trusted to steer me in the right direction. I was seeking a qualified experienced Certified Business Broker to find the right buyer for my business. Matt explained in detail the process of selling a business, how the value is determined and what was involved in selling businesses in this current economic environment. He created a detailed financial analysis and package describing all the features and benefits of my business. Matt also was sensitive to the emotional aspect, as this was a business that meant a lot to me to find a buyer that would grow the business. Matt discussed my business with several potential candidates and indentified a handful of buyers that met my requirements. He facilitated several meetings and discussions with the candidates. We identified one particular candidate that appeared to be a great fit that gave me the confidence to move forward. Matt then structured the due diligence process so that the buyer could review my books and records. I underestimated what was involved in the process but Matt was there every step of the way guiding me and addressing my many questions. Once the buyer approved my books and records we moved forward to a purchase agreement. We negotiated a purchase agreement for over a week covering all the terms and conditions of the sale. An escrow was opened in April, 2012 and 3 weeks later we closed the transaction. Matt’s expertise and experience was instrumental in this entire process. I had no idea about all the details that were involved in selling a business and how complex it was. Matt was there to answer questions and explain the process, always available to me by telephone or to meet. I would highly recommend Matt as a Certified Business Broker to others looking to sell their business.

Lori Solomon Health Care Service Business (Seller)

We hired Matt to sell our Distribution Business which has been in our family since 1936. Matt was referred to us by our long time Financial Advisor. We had no idea what was involved with selling a business and all the details that were required. Matt was so attentive to our needs and was there every step of the way. He worked with us, our bookkeeper and CPA to create a detailed financial summary and package. We had several interested parties and finally settle with a buyer who we thought was the best fit for us and closed escrow in September, 2012. Matt knew our business inside and out and was instrumental in assisting us and the buyer through the entire process including due diligence, preparing the contracts, the escrow process and closing. If we ever had a question or concern, Matt was always there to explain it and make sure we were comfortable before moving forward. Matt explained the importance of seller finance and helped us feel comfortable with carrying a note for the buyer which was instrumental in finally selling our business. We are so thankful that we can now retire and do the things we enjoy. We are going to miss working with Matt and we are pleased to recommend him to anyone looking to sell their business.

Bill and Nancy Castle Friction Material Distribution Company (Sellers)

I hired Matt Coletta to represent me in the sale of my Box Manufacturing Business. This business has been in our family for almost 50 years and it was a difficult decision to sell. Matt provided a lot of insight on the process and addressed all my concerns given the current environment. He analyzed our financials and recommended a fair price and structure. He created a professional package that gave interested parties the history and information they needed to determine if there was an interest. Matt learned all aspects of our business and was able to screen buyers so that we did not have to waste our time. We met with several buyers until we found one that we felt was the best fit to continue our legacy and provide security for the employees who have been with us for over 30+ years. Matt was with us every step of the way including showing the business, addressing questions, negotiating the deal, assisting us with due diligence, drafting contacts and managing the entire process from beginning to end. I am so glad that Matt was there to guide us thru this complex process. We closed in August 2011, so I can now pursue my other interest. Matt has become a friend and a trusted advisor. I would highly recommend Matt if you are looking for a true Professional.

Maury Freeman LA Box Manufacturer (Seller)

Dear Matt,

Larry and I want to thank you for your professionalism and excellent representation with the Box Company. We very much appreciated your responsiveness, “take charge” approach and managing everything to complete the transaction. You were very helpful in our analysis of the business and the due diligence process. You facilitated a very smooth transaction and closing. Again, thank you for everything you did to make this an enjoyable transaction. Based on our experience we would definitely retain you and your firm again. We would also highly recommend you to other Business Owners and Entrepreneurs who are looking to sell or buy a business.

Keith Shaver LA Box Manufacturer (Buyer)

I am a principal in a private equity firm that has bought and sold numerous companies over the last 10 years and have dealt with many different business brokers over this period. Recently we closed a transaction to purchase a manufacturing company represented by Matt Coletta. Based on this experience, I am confident to say that Matt is one of the stronger brokers I have come in contact with. He demonstrated extensive knowledge and showed great professionalism throughout the process and was instrumental in solving several issues that came up in the transaction. When we decide to sell our next business I will certainly consider having Matt represent us and would highly recommend him to business owners looking to sell their business.

Chuck Niel Principal, Private Equity Group (Buyer)

Matt, thank you for your assistance in the sale of my Robotic Manufacturing business. After starting this business from nothing, manufacturing over 170 robotic exhibits and operating the company for over 20 years, it was not easy to sell my company. I appreciate your patience and availability every step of the way to make sure everything went smoothly. You were always available to address my concerns and questions. You explained things in detail and always made sure I understood before going forward. Thank you for all your assistance and allowing me to fulfill my dream to retire in peace.

J June Robotic Exhibits (Seller)

After interviewing several Business Brokers, we hired Matt Coletta to assist us in selling our business in Woodland Hills, California. Matt worked hard to acquire a buyer and to help us prepare what was needed for the sale. He gave us great direction and advice in regards to the process of selling our business. Once a buyer was obtained he handled all aspects of the transaction including the transfer of our lease which was challenging to say the least. He represented us very well especially with the landlord who was difficult. This transaction was very challenging and Matt met every challenge head on and professionally. He is very knowledgeable about the practices of selling and buying a business. He doesn’t mess around and he gets right to the heart of the transaction and really fights for you and does what is fair for everyone. I would absolutely recommend Matt Coletta to anyone who is looking for an honest, professional, hard working Business Broker.

John Paul & Andrea Jones B-B, Inc. (Seller)

Matt, everything is going well here. I just wanted to let you know you did a great job brokering this deal and I would not have known about Bellaire but for your detailed descriptive verbal pitch of this business. Thank you for your help on this!

Roy Gorin Bellaire Metals (Buyer)

Matt Coletta’s professionalism, knowledge and diligence were instrumental in properly preparing me for the sales of my Manufacturing Business. It was a difficult business to sell, and I found Matt’s approach and character never to be discouraged. Your understanding of my business was key in finalizing the sale.

Steve Parquett President, MVista Holdings, Inc. (Seller)

Unlike most brokers I dealt with over the past two years, Matt proved to be very knowledgeable about all aspects of the company. He was able to conduct a tour of the facility without the owner present, providing detailed explanations of the manufacturing process and answering all questions. I was very impressed with his grasp of the company’s market niche and potential for growth. Once I decided to make an offer, Matt followed thru working thru all the details from the Purchase Agreement to the closing of escrow. Matt set up a schedule and worked with the seller and I as well as the escrow company to meet all the milestones on a timely basis. He resolved issues quickly so that the sale went smoothly and closed on schedule. I would highly recommend him.

Steve Goldenberg President MVH Holding Company, Inc. (Buyer)

Matt Coletta’s attention to detail gave us great confidence that every aspect of the complex selling process of our company would be properly addressed. We were impressed by his ability to overcome various challenges and issues on the part of the buyers and put them at ease. His ability to handle numerous problems was instrumental in keeping the negotiations on tract and bringing the sale to a successful conclusion.

Paul Newman CEO, Awning/Shade Manufacturer (Seller)

I am writing this letter to express my sincere gratitude for the professional and ethical manner in which you assisted us with identifying, evaluating and purchasing a business that met our criteria. During the eight months of our relationship I have grown to trust and respect your advice and counsel. The result of our relationship was the identification of a company that we are very excited about. During the due diligence process we have gotten to understand the company and are very confident that the investment that my wife and I are making will meet both our personal and investment objectives.

Don Wood President, Awning/Shade Manufacturer (Buyer)

Matt Coletta represented the successful sale of my business. His professionalism, knowledge and diligence were instrumental in properly preparing me for the sale of my business. He prepared me for some of the obstacles we faced that I was unaware of or did not expect and handled them quickly and efficiently. With Matt’s expertise, the negotiations went very smoothly. Matt was always a step ahead, from finding the buyer to handling the due diligence process, closely managing and monitoring the sales transaction to the closing of escrow.

Nick Racher President, U.S.L, A Division of Valley Crest Landscape Inc. (Seller)

Matt Coletta’s extensive knowledge and understanding of the current market place was an advantage in locating and securing the business that fit our criteria. Throughout the process, Matt showed an unwavering dedication to create an effortless transition for both parties involved. My personal experience with Matt’s skills in purchasing a business has made it clear that his involvement in the buying or selling of a business is necessary, if not mandatory, to insure a successful closing and transition.

Paul Frederick President, U.S.L, A Division of Valley Crest Landscape, Inc. (Buyer)

Thank you for helping me sell my Commercial Landscape Company and retire after 30 years. The way you managed the process from valuing my business, finding a buyer, due diligence thru the escrow and closing was all done professionally and in a timely matter. I am now off to fulfill my dreams with the Peace Corps. Thank you so much.

Robert Caughlian President, American Commercial Landscape Services Inc. (Seller)

I want to thank you for all the hard work you put into selling our 20 year old company. When Steve and I interviewed you, we really felt that you were a professional. Our impression was correct! It took a lot of working together to make this happen. You were there every step of the way, guiding and ensuring that it would all come out just fine, and it did. You found the ideal buyer and the 7- figure price was certainly right. Things really couldn’t have gone better.

Steve and Liz Ferris Ferris Commercial Painting Company (Seller)

Please accept my appreciation for successfully handling the sale of my Wholesale Distribution Company. Your professionalism, knowledge and diligence were instrumental in properly preparing me for the sale of my business. Your submission of qualified buyers greatly decreased unnecessary work, allowing me to focus on managing my business. During the actual negotiations, you did an outstanding job. Those negotiations were smooth, non-confrontational and it seemed that you were always a step ahead. From leading the buyer to obtain proper financing to closely managing and monitoring the sales transaction to the closing of escrow, you did it all with class!

John Roskowski President, JD Bar/Thurman’s LLC (Seller)

We are about to finish the training period following the sale of our business. And with a better perspective I want to thank you for working so hard on our behalf to find the correct buyer who will be able to continue running the business successfully. When we approached you and hired your services as our Business Broker we knew that in such tough economic times, finding the suitable buyer would be challenging. You worked diligently to understand the nature of our business, its specialty and the company’s culture. You found the buyer faster than anticipated, directed us on what to prepare and which reports to present, answered the many questions we had patiently and were always available to discuss our concerns. Your explanation of Seller Finance was spot on and instrumental is structuring a successful deal. We are grateful and wish you all the best and would highly recommend you to anyone looking to sell their business.

Dorit Purrett President, Construction Management Co. (Seller)

Matt Coletta represented us in the successful sale of our business. His professionalism, knowledge and diligence were instrumental in properly preparing us for the sales transaction. He prepared us for the obstacles we faced that we were unaware of or did not expect, and handled them quickly and efficiently. Matt also explained to us how the value of our business is determined and how important seller financing is in structuring a successful deal. He explained all the benefits and details of seller financing and how we would be protected. He also showed us how seller financing created a higher value for our business. We had a few challenges with the transaction, but Matt was able to work them out in a manner that was fair to both us and the buyer. Matt was always a step ahead, from finding the buyer to handling the due diligence process to dealing with the landlord, closely managing and monitoring the process thru the closing of escrow. I would highly recommend Matt Coletta to my friends and associates for the dedicated services he provided. Thanks to Matt, after 18 years of operating our business, we can now move forward with our retirement plans.

Jim & Kathy Deer, (Seller)

Thank you for handling the sale of my Father’s medical clinic. It was a difficult time for our family as my Father’s cancer progressed. It was a hard business to sell given the circumstances. You presented qualified buyers and we were able to choose the best Doctor suited to the patients our clinic services. My family and I thank you for handling this smoothly and quickly.

Joe Anton Valley Medical Clinic (Seller)

Thank you for your assistance in helping me sell my 22 year old Home Health Care Business. When we first met, I had no idea what was involved in selling my business. I appreciate your patience in explaining everything to me and being there every step of the way. I don’t think I would have been able to do it without you. You have become a trusted friend and I would highly recommend you to anyone looking to sell their business.

Marylyn Marvilla LA Home Health Care (Seller)

On behalf of our corporation I would like to express to you our great appreciation and gratitude for your hard work in completing our purchase. Your support and bright ideas were always helpful, especially through the unusual circumstances that were surrounding this deal. Frankly many times we were on the edge to call off the whole deal but you were always encouraging us to go on and never gave up hope. It was a pleasure to do business with you and we look forward that in the near future we would be able to do it again.

Ben Hensworth D & M Foods Inc. (Buyer)

I have been a California business attorney since 1980, during which time I have been responsible for a number of business sale transactions. In 2001, one of my clients utilized the services of Matt Coletta. My client was thrilled that Matt found the right buyer for her business, and I was pleased to find Matt to be both responsive and knowledgeable with the legal issues of the transaction. Since that time, Matt Coletta and I have assisted each other in a number of other sale transaction. I have also referred several of my clients wishing to sell their businesses to Matt. It is always a pleasure to work with him and I recommend his services to anyone looking to Buy or Sell a business.

Rosser Cole Business Attorney

I have dealt with many Business Brokers over the years. Matt has a tremendous amount of experience in the world of business sales and acquisitions and works hard to get the job done right. Matt has excellent people skills and delivers on his promises. I have recommended many of my clients to Matt and they have been very impressed and satisfied with his work.

Seth Haye Vice President, Smith Barney

Matt is a top-notch professional in his field. In our work preparing companies for sale, Matt’s name is one we often mention when the size of the company indicates a certified business broker is needed to sell the company. I would highly recommend Matt.

Steven Craig President, Structured Partners

As a CFO for hire, I represent several owners of Manufacturing, Distribution and Service Businesses. I have worked with Matt on several transactions and have been impressed with his knowledge and ability to prepare a business for sale and to resolve the many issues that come up during the transaction. Matt was proactive and knew ahead of time what was needed to keep the transaction moving forward so as not to jeopardize the momentum. I would highly recommend Matt to anyone looking to sell their business in a professional manner

Amy Etin Controller For Hire

Matt brings to the table years of valuable insight and experience. I have worked on several transactions with Matt and his detailed approached to selling a business will have a positive effect on his client’s bottom line. As a CPA I have worked with many business brokers and I can say without question that a business owner will not be disappointed in their decision to engage Matt. Matt is extremely professional and his firm is recognized as the Premier Business Brokerage Firm in the Western US. I would highly recommend him.

Jim Cagle Partner / CPA, Allegent Group LLP

I refer Matt Coletta every time I have a client or colleague who is thinking at buying or selling a business. Matt’s attention to detail and depth of expertise is what makes him the best in his field. He always has the best interest of his clients in mind. He handles each transaction in such a professional manner that everyone involved is keenly aware that he truly is an expert in Business Sales and Acquisitions.

Jerri Hemsworth President, Newman-Grace LLP

As an attorney representing closely-held family businesses, I have reached out to Matt many times for his assistance in helping my clients sell or purchase a business. His experience and insight have been instrumental in accomplishing my client’s goal. I would highly recommend Matt to anyone looking to prepare and sell their business for its maximum value.

Mike Balikian Business Attorney

Matt was relentless in helping clients of mine sell their business recently. He is professional, knowledgeable, and determined to help his clients accomplish their goals.” Matt is our go to guy for our firm’s client looking to sell their business.

Andrew Levinson Partner / CPA, gishSEIDEN LLP

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Matt Coletta, CBB, CBI, is a Certified Business Broker and a Certified Business Intermediary with over 25 years of experience in successfully representing Business Sellers and Buyers in various industries. Matt is a Los Angeles Business Broker and represents Business Owners and Businesses for Sale throughout Southern California including: Los Angeles County, Orange County, Ventura County, West Los Angeles, City of Industry, Downtown Los Angele, Gardena, Whittier, San Gabriel, Upland, South Bay, Torrance, Newport Beach, Irvine, Brea, Anaheim, Long Beach, San Fernando Valley, Woodland Hills, Chatsworth, Sherman Oaks, North Hollywood, Northridge, Van Nuys, Burbank, Glendale, Pasadena, Sun Valley, Valencia, Santa Clarita, Palmdale, Ventura, Camarillo, Oxnard, Thousand Oaks, Simi Valley and other cities in the greater Southern California area.